A refreshingly honest and sensible recounting of your experience. I wish every 20 year old woman could read it. American women now looks like porn cartoons with identical breasts. Your reports of the other uses of your breasts (to sustain life) outside of pleasing men, only highlights the femininity inherent in them.

If women only knew, and young men were open to appreciate, that subtle hints of the feminine that could pack quite a punch for men. Understated femininity, like small breasts, can be as sexy as other sizes just because they send their message without need to shout.

I look forward to when this era of breast implants is over and women can be themselves again. I am married to a petit woman for 20 years and age has not changed her effect on me.

Dr. Rego has practiced psychiatry for over 30 years. He also teaches at Yale Medical School. He is writing a book on mental illness. https://markdregomd.com/

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