• Jackie Fitzgerald

    Jackie Fitzgerald

  • Madeline Loesch

    Madeline Loesch

    I reflect on technology and time, with an emphasis on conscious use of social industry platforms. I also write poems.

  • Kathryn Dodd

    Kathryn Dodd

    Now an independent researcher after several years in academia as a research sociologist. Also worked as a university lecturer, teacher, and statistician.

  • Connie Vaughn

    Connie Vaughn

  • Betül Yılmaz

    Betül Yılmaz

  • Eileen James

    Eileen James

    Veterinarian, blessed mom of two rascals, adoring wife, mental health advocate. Beyond the drama. I live in a state of constant zen.

  • Anna Ntentes Ledis

    Anna Ntentes Ledis

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