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  • Kinnari Bhalerao

    Kinnari Bhalerao

    I write about space, physics and everything that fascinates me.

  • Colin the Crypto Ocelot

    Colin the Crypto Ocelot

    Award nominated blogger and freelance writer. Medium Top Writer status in Humor, Music, Comedy, Sport and NFT.

  • Glenn Borchardt

    Glenn Borchardt

    Dr. Borchardt, scientific philosopher and theoretical physicist, has advanced Infinite Universe Theory as the ultimate replacement for the Big Bang Theory.

  • Jonathan Poletti

    Jonathan Poletti

    religion. sex. facts.

  • Dark Matter Articles

    Dark Matter Articles

    Follow me if you are interested in unique articles — Top writer in Space, Science, Technology, Travel, Food, Photography and more!

  • Hailey


    I’m a history buff, personal development advocator and fitness freak!

  • Yash


    A high schooler | Top Writer in Space, Science, and Education

  • Christopher P Jones

    Christopher P Jones

    Art writer, critic, novelist, artist. Sign up at https://christopherpjones.medium.com/membership

  • J.W. Bertolotti

    J.W. Bertolotti

    Founder at Perennial Leader Project | Host of In Search of Wisdom Podcast | Reflections on wisdom and life. Say hello: JW@perennialleader.com

  • Nick Wignall

    Nick Wignall

    Psychologist and blogger. I help people use psychology for meaningful personal growth: https://nickwignall.com

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