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  • Jessica Hubbert

    Jessica Hubbert

    Freelance research and writing consultant. I am an advocate for social justice and passionate about researching and writing about lived experiences.

  • Mark Ellis

    Mark Ellis

    YouTube guy. I review and talk about tech. https://www.youtube.com/c/markellisreviews

  • Josh Getman

    Josh Getman

    An amateur photographer, traveler, and writer. https://www.instagram.com/josh_getman/

  • Grant Piper

    Grant Piper

    Hobbyist historian. Storyteller. Imbiber of knowledge. Check out my pinned About Me for more info.

  • Anne Smith

    Anne Smith

    I am a social worker who loves to read. I write about trauma, mental health, ectopic pregnancies, and chronic illness.

  • Ed Noble

    Ed Noble

    I write about philosophy, psychology and ethics. I’m a data engineer working in London, having previously studied physics. Started writing in lockdown.

  • Edy Nathan

    Edy Nathan

    Author of “It’s Grief: The Dance of Self-Discovery Through Trauma and Loss” | Blogger for Psychology Today, Thrive Health | Psychotherapist | amzn.to/30vkR2W📕

  • Karo Wanner

    Karo Wanner

    Your weekly reminder to live in the present moment. Mindfulness insights+tips. Join 300+ reades👉FREE Sign up 💫Mindful Monday www.subscribepage.com/i5y4o4_copy

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